Hexham, a small village about 15 km north-west of Newcastle, NSW, on the Pacific Highway. Namesake of the English market town of Hexham – both towns near their “Newcastle.”

Ozzie the Mozzie at Hexham Bowling Club. Photo credit Stuart Edwards.

Tourists should note that this is actually a full-scale model (1:1) of a greatly feared and deeply respected local mosquito, Ochlerotatus Alternans - aka the Mighty Hexham Grey. 
Note: the sculptor tastefully omitted human prey.

Famous for giant scary mosquitoes, the Hunter's most famous "giant something" highway feature, a vast and vital wetland “swamp,” Oak milkshakes, Smithy's Airforce, traffic jams, and a propensity to flood.

Hexham might seem to have little going for it, and yet I've always been tempted to buy a house at Hexham, preferring the easy-living look of the place. It resembles holiday villages near coastal inlets that I enjoyed in childhood.

BHexham is a most amazing area with an extensive history. It played a key role in the development of Newcastle and the Hunter region.

Hexham railway station on the Hunter line is near the riverine terminus of the privately owned Richmond Vale Railway line, an early coal hauling railway from Minmi and Stockrington which crossed the government railway at right angles.

Coal loading at Hexham wharf began in 1850 and ended in 1967. The railway line to the adjoining workshops was closed in October 1973. The remaining section of the Richmond Vale Railway was closed in September 1987.

Hexham was once a riverport of importance in the lower Hunter and was known as Port Hunter. In the colonial days travellers from Newcastle to Maitland could travel to Hexham by boat and then disembark to travel by road to Maitland via Upper Hexham (Tarro), Four Mile Creek and Green Hills, the road being more direct than the river which had many bends after Raymond Terrace.
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Some snaps from April 2014 of "coals to Newcastle" via Hexham.

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