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In 2004, brandishing a new digital camera, I set out to collect all the street art and graffiti in Newcastle and surrounds. Over a decade or so (2004 - 2015) a fair amount was gathered, and is now published under 'Street Art' on this website. 

Along the way many images of buildings, parks, streets, harbour - anything, in fact - found their way into a separate archive labelled 'StreetScapes.' It was never my intent to document the vistas, facades and innards of the city's treasures. But the rapid loss of so many timeless vistas was a sad surprise, however inevitable, and so it now stands as a fortunate decision.

And disappear they did, with an ongoing apartment-building spree in the east end, a dramatic high-rise reinvention of the west end precinct, and accelerated along Hunter Street by the construction of the city's tramline in 2017. They are not a particularly significant set, but someone, somewhere, will find them useful. Leaving them to die on a computer is just a waste. 

Categories are quite arbitrary due, as you would guess, to so many overlapping qualities. So good luck finding a specific street or building. For example, I chose to define "vistas" as views from elevated vantages, while "skylines" are from street level.  The search function on this website will discover any article containing a desired keyword - assuming I captioned an image with sufficient detail.

Panoramas are watermarked. Almost all others are not, and are published under a Creative Commons with Attribution licence. Use them as you wish, but NOT commercially - unless you need a licensed (and, with luck, a high resolution) copy, then see 'Terms of Use.'


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