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NewcastleOnHunter is a community information website published by a citizen of the city. The interest of NewcastleOnHunter is the Newcastle's modern history in image, public art as street art, cityscapes, and imagery of the region.


NewcastleOnHunter receives no income from advertising, donations, or any external source. The website and its activities are fully funded by the owner.


The owner has no political or activist affiliations, runs no business or company, and has no shares or investments to affect or promote what is published here. No endorsement is suggested by content of a commercial nature, by commercial entities linked to from this website, or by retweets on our Twitter or Facebook feeds. Nor do any affiliate links exist from this website to the outside.

In the spirit of a free press, although copyright covers images and content, all may be reproduced elsewhere - except for commercial purpose. Link-back or attribution is appreciated.

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