All the Streets in Newcastle

Last update 14 March 2014. A beautiful collaboration by two wonderful people: Rose and Tania.

Hi – my name is Tania and I’ve set up this page for Rose, a ninety-three four year old lady who lives in Newcastle.

Rose is in the process of walking down all the streets in Newcastle, one by one, and writing about what she sees.

I only came to be in contact with Rose via my partner, who works with a woman who is related to Rose’s home-care nurse Wanda.

Because I have set up a few blogs I was asked if I was interested in setting up one for Rose, to which I tentatively said yes, even though I don’t live in Newcastle anymore. After receiving the first letter in the post (and first folder of photos, via Dropbox via Wanda’s daughter Erica) I knew I was part of an interesting project.

How the project began is described in the first post here.

Rose writes her stories by hand and posts them to me. I type them up exactly as she has written them, add subheadings, choose some photos and put them on line. I also created the map images used as headers.

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