Bellevue Hotel

Bellevue Hotel

A traditional pub that ended life as an all-night drinking hole. Now appropriately gentrified, its shell fronts residential high-rise and houses an art gallery at time of writing in 2015).

This collections shows it’s terminal phase and transition from 2004 to 2007.

Below: Bellevue Hotel at the Newcastle Bank Corner, Hunter Street West, in October 2006. Indignity has arrived. Former bank at left, for which the intersection was named, and Doc's Pharmacy at right. NB: Photo taken 2 years after the group immediately below, in 2004.

All you ever needed to know about the Bellevue Hotel can be read here at the ever excellent Coal River website [links to a PDF document].

The two storey building is a modest example of the Victorian Italianate style. Above the level of the awning, the external wall of the building retains much of the c1880-90 fabric and integrity and that of 1935.

Only modestly Victorian Italianate, to the great relief of patrons.

Below: 2 October 2004. Local artists tried to put a brave face on the old structure.

10 July 2005 - boarding up in preparation for the makeover...

21 August 2005 ...was a perfect surface for posters.

2 October 2006

22 July 2007

Better days in July 2014.

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