Doc's Pharmacy

Doc’s was a high-profile shop, and not only because it moved at least three times along Hunter Street. Just being in Hunter Street means high-profile.

October 2006 when Doc's mural held pride of place at the Bank Corner shop.

First port of call, as Throsby records it, was 531 Hunter Street and labelled “Doc’s Natural Health Centre.”

October 2004 and Doc's has moved out of 531 Hunter, so the poster crew moved in.

When Doc moved out of 531, the shop front became an instant billboard for advertising posters. I guess it then fitted in with the downbeat look of the street. Happily, though not a great improvement from a distance, the hoarding was rapidly colonised by the local art community as a free-for-all canvas. It is, after all, next door to the fabulously decorated “Antiques on Hunter” (aka “Steggas”) and an easel’s toss from the famous art campus.

Naturally, the poster crew took up the challenge and responded in kind! Doc’s Day-Night Chemist had a penchant for murals of grand intent after it occupied a very visible 707 Hunter Street West at the city’s “Bank Corner.” Out of hours chemists were becoming less of a novelty, as were all-hours surgeries, but back then it was still a handy drawcard. Following a sojourn at 810 Hunter, it disappeared inside Market Town, the ultimate destination for all independent shops who can bear the penance of ultra-steep rental in return for promised foot traffic. Not much else to add about this landmark retailer whose mural affinity enriched the downtown vibe.


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