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For non-profit, non-commercial, or personal use, images watermarked with "Newcastle on Hunter" may be used as stipulated by the Creative Commons with Attribution licence. A link back to the page would also be nice.

Commercial or government business use, please request a non-exclusive IP invoice from: 
Editor (at) NewcastleOnHunter (dot) org 
Please include licencee details, intended use, and desired resolution.


Live comments are open again. Please refrain from slagging people off, because, you know, defamation. Especially now (2022) that elected politicians have taken to suing citizens (or websites hosting their abuse) for slander. 

Or, you can soundly thrash us at Twitter 

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Please add us to your distribution database. Send news and stories to press at NewcastleOnHunter dot org

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Corrections of fact or website inquiries can be sent to editor at NewcastleOnHunter dot org


Street Art submissions, especially from artists, are most welcome to throsby at NewcastleOnHunter dot org for attributions, regarding copyright issues, or submissions. 


This entire website is hosted on Google's Blogger platform, and it's highly likely to endure for decades beyond this moment, according to the history of Blogger (aka If it had remained on a commercial hosting service, these works would have expired along with my credit card at some random moment in the near future.

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