Autumn Gown

May in Newcastle - calm mild days, cool nights.

A stretch of tranquil weather let fallen leaves carpet footpaths at Islington.

The accumulation is fortuitous in streets regularly swept by heavy traffic, pedestrians, wind gusts or stormy change – and, yes, street sweepers - all intent on scattering this transitory harvest of the city’s small deciduous contingent of a largely evergreen “urban forest.”

These photos capture what we too easily miss or are unable to stop and admire.

Below, west towards Beaumont Street intersection.

Below, views east toward Beaumont Street intersection.

Upon a mellow autumn day.. when the ground was perfumed by fallen leaves, and many more, in beautiful tints of yellow, red, and brown, yet hung upon the trees, through which the sun was shining. ~ David Copperfield, Charles Dickens

In my next life, I will sell street accessories to councils...

Islington’s Maitland Road deciduous trees are dissimilar to the Plane Trees inhabiting Hunter Street. That is either Platanus orientalis (Autumn Glory) or Platanus x Hybrida (London Plane) and is neither London nor glorious, but rather a messy brown scattering, despite its advantages as a city tree. Maybe lower temperatures are needed to colour those leaves, but I don’t recall any glorious displays of previous winters.

Below ~ Plane Trees in Hunter Street west, taken on the same day as the above

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