Light Plays Gently on the Stairs

Light plays gently on the stairs.

In the morning it glows softly
Like a bird’s tentative song to dawn.
Later, it shines brightly,
Warm and illuminating, for those who see.
Light dances on the stairs by morning.
Light calls dreams to life
And spirits do quicken.
In smiling, she waves a rhythm for rejoicing.
Light is playful and gentle of heart
She sings to me soft earth songs,
Wind songs that cajole memories and tease.
Light is warm and irresistible.
Illuminated by wondrous beauty,
Light has a face; not only called love.
Light is perfect and complete.
Ascribes order and meaning from chaos,
Is reason, crowned in grace.
Light is compelling and undeniable.
Streams into my consciousness
And has lustre burnished by your face.
I am complete
has Darkness is repelled, thwarted.
Gilded by lovelight shining
light is clear like water
it flows and burnished by grace
refreshes and cleans away the earth
The fleeting embrace from a deft touch,
A wafting beam,
Proportions all rhythms of living.
is a reason for all things as is love
Light flies through the corridor of mirrors
Partitions fall, dissolve to peace
And hearts can be free
In my mind, too, have I seen light
The light of eternal beauty of love and the absolute
And now, oh precious Kathryn, I see you

~ Robert Farley

R.Farley 2004

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