Jesmond Roundabout Traffic Lights

19 July 2012 ~ Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) completed work on second of six intersection upgrades along the main route between the F3 Freeway and Newcastle.

RMS completed the upgrade of the Jesmond roundabout that included installing traffic lights for vehicles travelling eastbound to Newcastle. Another set of traffic lights will control the flow of vehicles travelling north towards Maitland and Taree.

Lights will operate 24 hours a day and motorists are reminded to stop behind the unbroken line when the light is red and not queue across the intersection.

An additional lane is provided for motorists entering the roundabout from Newcastle and either travelling northbound or returning east. A new second lane has been installed for those motorists exiting north through the new traffic lights.

Traffic is expected to increase when the Hunter Expressway opens to traffic in late 2013.