Civic Court (no, not the new courthouse)

Civic Court at 486 Hunter Street.

Civic Court at 486 Hunter Street in December 2009

Civic Court is one of hundreds of nondescript commercial low-rise buildings in Hunter Street.

A little digging finds no reference, though no doubt memorable small businesses had shopfronts beneath the plain facade, which looks perhaps late 1930s onward, possibly as late as post-war construction.

The letters were intact in 2004 but have either been pinched for better use, or fallen randomly to the awning with a loud clatter, alarming some passerby, or in the wee hours scattering a meeting of rats celebrating a daughter’s wedding to the local king rat.

The boarded front acquired a masterpiece sometime in 2016 to honour the beloved David Bowie. Throsby notes the great fellow was born but two days before his own grandiloquent entry to this realm. The stars, or gods, have generously consented to not apply similar synchronicity to Throsby’s exodus.

So with no further comment, other than date stamps, here’s the brief artish story of Civic Court.

This little guy caught my attention in October 2004

Civic Court lettering up top was still complete in February of 2005

December 2009

Civic Court in March 2016 and the Bowie memorial appears. While the letters are purloined from the facade.

Closeups below of decorations that accompany Bowie’s tribute.

Above, Google street view. While ever AI has trouble with faces, we human photographers will have to keep snapping away.