Reality TV better than Reality?

Find out at the annual Mai-Wel Group Celebrity Comedy Debate, Saturday, 11th August 2012 at Maitland Town Hall where high profile national celebrities and local identities will tackle this tough discussion in a battle of wit and will.

Taking on the affirmative argument, that Reality TV is indeed better than Reality, is reality cooking show star Alvin Quah and fellow team mates 1233 ABC Newcastle Radio breakfast announcer Aaron Kearney, and humourist and author Kerry Cue.

Heading up the opposing team, is comedienne Fiona O’Loughlin who together with her team mates, Graham Burns, business man and President of the Mai-Wel Board of Directors and Gavin Forman Executive Chef at the Old George and Dragon, will argue that reality wins out over reality TV.

Ensuring that some decorum is maintained throughout the evening is Master of Ceremonies, former NBN News Presenter and now leader in the corporate community, Melinda Smith.

The Annual Mai-Wel Group Celebrity Comedy Debate is a light hearted and entertaining evening for all involved and is a sell-out event on the social calendar. Although the event can be frivolous and fun, it has at its core the serious undertones of raising funds for, and awareness of The Mai-Wel Group. Since its inception in 2005, the event has made numerous projects possible, such as the recently completed Mai-Wel Community Programs Centre in Telarah.

Tickets are just $70 each which includes a light meal. To purchase tickets, contact The Mai-Wel Group on 4932 8599, or visit