Stockton Residents Greenlight Coastal Plan

Long-term actions for Stockton’s coastline get broad residents’ approval.

City of Newcastle’s proposal for mass-offshore sand replacement and immediate minimal buried seawall extension works in the draft Stockton Coastal Management Program (CMP) was largely supported in 162 community and 19 agency submissions.

The City completed the 28-day public exhibition period on Tuesday. Seventy four percent of submissions were supportive of the Stockton CMP.

Within days of the draft Stockton CMP going on public exhibition, more than 2,000 information packs including a summary of the plan, frequently asked questions and a reply paid feedback form and envelope were sent to each property in Stockton to ensure everyone had a chance to have their say,” said Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes. .

The City also presented comprehensive information on the draft CMP on its website, including an animation, videos featuring Stockton Community Liaison Group Members, and the full report, together attracting more than 3,000 visitors and 436 downloads of the report over the exhibition period.

Two thirds of the total feedback received was from Stockton residents, while other submissions were received from as far afield as North Narrabeen.

Half of all submissions showed specific support for offshore sand replenishment as the preferred option. Other issues were identifying alternate sand sources, and options for fast tracking the process.

Stockton Community Liaison Group (CLG) Chair Barbara Whitcher said the CLG was supportive of City of Newcastle’s management actions detailed in the CMP.

City of Newcastle has worked closely with our CLG and delivered an outcome which we broadly support, being mass sand nourishment and minimal buried seawalls,” Ms Whitcher said.

While we remain vitally interested in exploring in more detail the causal effect of Stockton’s erosion, and funding sources, we generally support the Stockton CMP.”

City of Newcastle’s CMP team will review feedback and finalise the document, including a summary of the issues raised during the public exhibition period, for Council consideration on 23 June 2020. It will then be submitted to the NSW State Government for certification review.