Council accepts the NSW Government’s proposal for an alternative entrance to the Cessnock Correctional Centre

Cessnock City Council will accept an offer from the NSW Government for a new access road to the Cessnock Correctional Centre.

Cessnock City Mayor, Councillor Bob Pynsent, Council’s General Manager, Lotta Jackson and Lindsay Street resident Geoff Walker.

An existing internal road network of the Centre will connect to Occident Street, Nulkaba, to form a new entrance to the facility.

Cessnock City Mayor, Councillor Bob Pynsent said he is glad to see Lindsay Street closed.

From the very beginning we made a commitment to our community to advocate for an outcome that would see Lindsay Street closed. We certainly welcome the closure of this entrance.”

We’ll now work collaboratively with Correctives Services NSW as we progress works to see the establishment of the new access road. We have listened and will continue to listen to our residents throughout the duration of this project.”

As part of the proposal Council will fund the reconstruction of Kerlew Street, including the intersection at Occident Street. Council will consult with the residents of Nulkaba in relation to these works.

We understand the anxieties Nulkaba residents have about the increase in traffic and change to traffic flows.

Council’s Infrastructure team will consult with residents about the design so we can take into account their concerns and work to alleviate them in our scope of works,” Mayor Pynsent said.

Council acknowledged the work of Member for Cessnock, Clayton Barr MP and recognise his assistance in finding a solution, and will respond to the correspondence from the Minister for Counter Terrorism and Corrections, the Hon Anthony Roberts MP, to officially accept the offer.