More Containers Overboard off NSW Coast

At 6.10am yesterday (24 May 2020) the Singapore flagged container ship APL England experienced a temporary loss of propulsion during heavy seas about 73 kilometres south east of Sydney.

The ship was en route from China to Australia.

Ship’s power was restored minutes later, but during this time she rolled heavily causing container stacks to collapse and several containers to fall overboard.

The Master of the APL England said that 40 containers were lost overboard and 74 containers were damaged. Six containers protrude from starboard side, and three from the port side of the ship.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will deploy a challenger jet to the area to look for containers and debris and to inspect the ship for any signs of damage or pollution.

The APL England was (at the time of this report) located to the north of Sydney heading north to minimise the impact of the heavy weather.

At this stage it is unknown whether there will be any shoreline impacts associated with this incident and AMSA is working with NSW Maritime to monitor the situation and develop an appropriate response.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has been notified.

Image CC2 by Bahnfrend on Wikipedia