Last Navy warship returns home in time for Christmas.

HMAS Brisbane in Sydney Harbour ~ Image DoD

Australia’s newest warship, HMAS Brisbane, arrived home in Sydney following her first overseas deployment.

Brisbane is the last of ten Royal Australian Navy warships to return from deployments across South East Asia, the Pacific, and the United States.

Over the past several months, Navy’s warships have conducted complex exercises with alliance partners. Brisbane’s five month deployment saw the Hobart Class Destroyer engage in combat system testing off the West Coast of the US.

Commanding Officer, Commander Josh Wilson, said in a first for the Royal Australian Navy, Brisbane completed a live cooperative missile engagement with the United States Navy.

Brisbane’s deployment has both enhanced interoperability with the United States and demonstrated the capabilities of the Hobart Class,” Commander Wilson said.

Australia is now better equipped to integrate into joint exercises and operations as a result of this deployment. The deployment marked the culmination of 12-months’ hard work for the crew.

It feels fantastic to have achieved our objective, and returned home to our friends and family in time for Christmas,” Commander Wilson said.

HMAS Brisbane is the second of three 147-metre long Australian-built Hobart Class Destroyers, and is designed to provide air defence against missiles and aircraft for groups of ships, land forces, and coastal infrastructure.

The ship is equipped with a Mk41 Vertical Launch System with SM-2 Standard Missiles and Evolved Sea Sparrow missiles, a Mk 45 5-inch main gun, Phalanx Close-In Weapons System, two 25mm Typhoon guns, and MU90 and Mk54 light-weight torpedoes for subsurface defence.