Sonja makes final call to Port of Newcastle after six years of service.

The Sonja a 100-meter general cargo ship – will depart Port of Newcastle for the final time after more than 100 visits to the region.

Sonja is the only ship other than the David Allan dredger to home port at Port of Newcastle, where the crew change over, vessel is refuelled, and provisions loaded for each voyage.

With 106 visits to Port of Newcastle, Sonja has been running a coastal shipping route between Newcastle and Amamapare Port in News Guinea, Indonesia, for the past six years.

The general cargo ship transports Australian mining products from Newcastle, Brisbane and Cairns to mining operations in New Guinea. Exported materials include grinding media, mining consumables and steel from local manufacturing companies including DSI Underground, InfraBuild and Molycop.

The Sonja loaded her final cargo from Port of Newcastle between Sunday 19 January 10:00 and Monday 20 January 22:00.

The Sonja has been operated by Australian Shipping Consultants Pty Ltd for approximately 25 years. Sonja’s final call coincides with the retirement of Henning Horn Australian Shipping Consultants Managing Director.

Mr. Horn was on board the vessel during its final call to Port of Newcastle.

The Sonja will depart at approximately 8pm last night, 20 January 2020.