Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel will conduct training in the Sydney region, Singleton and the Australian Capital Territory from early-May to early-June.

The training will include ADF helicopters flying during day and night and at low altitudes.

This training is essential for ADF members to obtain the required qualifications to enhance individual and collective skills.

The public who see the training should not be concerned that any of the locations are under any form of actual threat.

ADF choppers in 2017 during exercise Talisman Saber. Image by

This training ensures the ADF is able to maintain capability in accordance with Australia’s national interests as outlined by the Government.

The training is not a part of the Australian Government’s COVID-19 response.

Training of this nature is conducted in a manner that accounts for COVID-19 restrictions and health management processes.

The ADF asks the public for their patience and cooperation while this essential training is being conducted.

Defence is unable to provide media access or further information, including specific timings, regarding this training in order to protect operational tactics, techniques and procedures.

Enquiries from the public regarding the training including helicopter movements in the above areas, contact 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 362) or

Image: © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence