Donations Fund Repairs to Sedgefield Cemetery

Community spirit will help fund repairs to grave headstones vandalised at Sedgefield Cemetery.

When the Mayor of Singleton opened a Mayoral Fund after the incident in June this year, $24,470 in donations were received.

The estimated cost of repairs to the damaged graves exceeds $40,000. Council and local Funeral Directors have incurred an additional $40,000 in-kind expenditure to clean up the cemetery.

Funeral directors will now be formally advised the works may proceed.

Cr Moore said the community’s response demonstrated the depth of connection the people of Singleton felt to each other, and to the legacies of the people who continue to be loved and mourned.

I said at the time that this senseless act of vandalism resulted in a significant amount of financial damage, but of more concern was the considerable distress for the families affected,” she said.

The community opened their hearts and their wallets to help ease that suffering and I was moved by how quickly and forcefully people acted to support the families directly impacted.

Thank you to everyone who contributed – every dollar received was significant and I hope will go some way to providing comfort for the families who were most affected by this unnecessary and insensitive incident.”

Cr Moore said the level of community anger was also a message that any attack like this one will not be tolerated.

The vandalism we saw in this incident in May was distressing for everyone in our community, and I think it’s still very hard for people to come to terms with,” she said.

What’s most unsettling is that the perpetrators of this incident may be people who live amongst us in our community.

I hope that they, and anyone who commits vandalism against our community, gets the message loud and clear that it will not be tolerated, and the people of Singleton will rally together against any kind of anti social behaviour.