Planning the Future of Heddon Greta

Cessnock City Council will investigate strategic planning in the expanding suburb of Heddon Greta, as the area continues experience growth at a rapid pace.

Heddon Greta and the Cliftleigh precinct’s close proximity to Newcastle and Sydney make it an attractive place to live.

The opening of the Hunter Expressway in 2014 also contributed to growth, with it becoming home for many young families and working professionals.

Council agreed as a result of unprecedented growth a number of matters must be addressed to allow for better amenity for all residents.

Cessnock City Mayor, Councillor Bob Pynsent said a report will come back to Council shortly that will outline how a strategic plan can be developed.

Council have listened to residents’ concerns in the area. They’ve particularly expressed concerns around the traffic movements.”

We know our area is a great place to live and it will continue to expand.

As a Council we want to ensure we are strategically planning to allow for better integration with existing infrastructure.”

A report will come back to Council shortly outlining the next steps to securing a strategic land use plan for the growing Heddon Greta and Cliftleigh precinct.