Heavy Swell Closes Beach Driving

Large swells close beach driving at Port Stephens.

Large swell and high tides have forced the temporary closure of beach vehicle driving at Samurai Beach and Stockton Beach in the Worimi Conservation Lands, north of Newcastle.

Stockton Beach closed at water’s edge while dune driving remains open. Photo credit NPWS

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Hunter Coast Area Andrew Bond said that the large swells and resulting soft sand has made the popular four-wheel driving beaches impassable and unsafe for vehicles.

Large swells experienced over the past days have swamped the beaches, eroding away the sand and creating steep drop offs and large areas of very soft sand.

There is insufficient beach remaining in these locations to allow for the safe traverse by 4WD vehicles, forcing the temporary closure of both beaches,” said Mr Bond.

Dune driving in the designated Recreational Vehicle Area in the Worimi Conservation Lands remains open, however is only accessible via the Lavis Lane entrance at Williamtown. Drivers are reminded not to drive on the frontal dune or any vegetation. Fines apply.

The Samurai Beach campground has also been temporarily closed. Park closure signs have been installed at all entrances and NPWS staff will be advising visitors of the closure.

NPWS will continue to monitor the conditions at Samurai and Stockton beaches and will re-open the beach when conditions improve.

For more information, and to check the status of the closures, visit www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au or call NPWS Hunter Coast on 02 4984 8200.