New plans for city transport as habits change.


City of Newcastle is revising parking and cycling plans due to changing travel patterns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent community engagement on cycling in Newcastle (PDF document) heard from almost 2,500 people with a strong interest in a safe, accessible, and connected cycling network in the City.

City of Newcastle Deputy Lord Mayor, Cr Declan Clausen, said the refreshed plans will respond to the ongoing transformation of the city and the potential Newcastle has to continue the shift to walking and cycling.

Research consistently shows that walking, cycling, and public transport are better for the environment, better for our physical and mental health, and better for revitalising our local centres.

We have a track record of delivering quality transport infrastructure, including new cycleway that connecting missing links within the City, the operation of the popular Park and Ride shuttle service from Hunter Stadium prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the delivery of improved parking as part of our local centre upgrades across the City.

Newcastle has some great facilities, but we know there is more that needs to be done to make riding and walking our preferred transport choice. We want walking, cycling and public transport to be viable options when planning trips, particularly the short trips we take which are close to home,” Cr Clausen said.

City of Newcastle Director Governance, David Clarke, said the updated plans would be grounded in community consultation and focus on both cycling infrastructure and parking.

Early engagement with key stakeholders will commence this week. We know that parking is a key component of the transport picture and is also an important part of our streetscapes.

Properly planned and implemented parking arrangements help us achieve the aspiration for more active transport as well as contribute to the revitalisation of both our city centre and local suburban centres,” Mr Clarke said.

The City’s existing cycling and parking plans were created more than five years ago. Since that time there have been substantial changes beyond the City’s control, including the removal of inner-city parking and changes to the region’s public transport system.

Through its updated plans, council will prioritise the delivery of quality transport infrastructure, although some planning is outside the its control.

Draft plans should be publicly exhibited in November.