Brisbane Launch of Tv Asia

Dr Bernard Malik to Launch Tv Asia Australia Channel in Brisbane.

Tv Asia Australia has announced the start of their service in Brisbane, serving the Asian Australian population

The television station will be headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with offices in different parts of the world, including Punjab in India, Lahore in Pakistan, and the United States of America.

Tv Asia Australia’s stated goal is to help Asians connect to their roots.

The role of alternate media is particularly critical as the trust in mainstream media has been compromised,” Dr. Malik, founder and CEO of Tv Asia Australia said.

Therefore sources like Tv Asia will fill in the gap.”

The media industry has evolved over the years to become a multi-billion-dollar market, thanks to the influx of different stakeholders offering solutions to meet the diverse needs of the audience. However, mainstream media seem to have lost its prestige, particularly with the increasing level of distrust in recent times, as more people embrace alternate media.

However, Dr. Bernard Malik and his team at Tv Asia Australia are looking to change this narrative by offering quality content to the audience, with a focus on the Asian population.

Tv Asia Australia is part of an education group based in Brisbane that owns vocational education colleges and higher education colleges as well as the International Open University in India and in Kingdom of Tonga King’s International University. The television station will air diverse programs on Current Affairs, Migration Matters, News Desk, Kitchen Queen, Human Rights and Peace, and other routine programs on IPTV.

Tv Asia Australia has an eminent team at the helm of affairs, with directors having over a century of combined experience in journalism and media. Mr Satinder Teenu, prominent journalist, is the Managing Director for Australia while Dr Dalvir Halvari who served various vernacular media outlets in Britain is the Program Director. Other members of the team are Mr Sarbjit Sohi, eminent journalist and award winning poet, who doubles as the Director of Punjabi and Mr Shoiab Zaidi, international TV personality in Urdu, a member of the Board of Directors and the director of Urdu program.

Dr. Bernard Malik, the founder and CEO of Tv Asia Australia, currently serves as PNG’s Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Trade, Investment and Education. Dr Malik’s philanthropic drive encompasses feeding the hungry in Brisbane, adopting orphan girl children in Pakistan, building houses for destitute in India, subsidising education for Muslim girls in Kashmir, India and donating money to the government to assist with Queensland floods and Australian fires. He has also been assisting international students with groceries, accommodation and tuition fee suspension during the COVID-19 crisis.

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