Shipping News.. Various

Sorry but the Port of Registry for the Pacific Link…is now Cook Islands "AVATIU" – well…….it was Auckland!

It is whispered that the Super yacht "Hyperion" ( smaller sister ) to the Squall will return to newie sometime soon.  So does that mean Azzura will hang about a little longer? They did say that they were pulling up stakes after Squall was completed.

Still not sure as to what ( if any ) Kiwi Navy Ship will join the HMAS Anzac on its visit 26 Feb 2010 till the following Monday March 1st.

IF … there is to be the 2nd Navy ship and being from Kiwiland, I would take a guess at the HMNZ Te Mana to be the candidate … Maybe not.!

The Anzac will be entering PM (unconfirmed) on the 26th to Throsby 1 Berth, leaving the following Monday at 1000 ( also unconfirmed ).

Apparently there is a high ranking Officer aboard the Anzac that is a local of the "Hunter Valley area" .. I was told his name but seeing that I only take photos and forget anything within 20 mins the name has escaped me.

Tear up my application for trainee Journo .. I think I will fail the application form from where it says Name……….. !

Say no more.

Stop Press:

HMAS ANZAC entry at 1330
HMNZ TE MANA entry 1500

Both to berth at Throsby No.1. FRIDAY FEBRUARY 26TH

ALSO if interested the Super yacht "Squall" moved across from Carrington berth to Throsby 1 on Monday afternoon and will sail with a few of the NCYC yachties aboard until they get off sometime after exiting the port.

Estimated departure time will be mid morning Wednesday 24th.