Reporting water leaks now easier with the launch of a new online reporting tool.

The Internet-based platform allows people to quickly report water leaks and upload photos via a simple form on Hunter Water’s website.

The latest National Performance Report shows that we have reduced leakage across our water network by nearly 20 per cent in two years. This has been helped by our customers, who have demonstrated their commitment to our community and the environment by taking action to inform us of leaks,” said Hunter Water Managing Director Jim Bentley.

In the past six months our customers have reported more than 3,000 water leaks. We’ve made it our priority to fix them as quickly as we can, with almost half of these leaks repaired or resolved within two days.

Now that it is easier for people to inform us through the online reporting tool, we aim to be even faster in our response. My thanks to everyone for their efforts to work with us. Together we can reduce the amount of water loss in our system and conserve our precious resource.”

As part of its commitment to Love Water, Hunter Water has significantly increased its active leak detection work, which has helped find and fix hundreds of previously undetected leaks.

This financial year alone we have surveyed more than 3,000 kilometres of water pipes as part of the program and we are on track to complete our entire 5,000 kilometre network by June 30,” said Mr Bentley.

We are also utilising technologies including flow metres to understand where our water is going and how we can better prioritise our efforts to find leaks, as well as implementing smart software to identify hidden leaks and help us prioritise our leak detection work.

While I’m really encouraged by these results and the progress we are making, we will continue to invest in this area and focus on making further improvements.”

For more information or to report a water leak, visit:

The reporting form takes you through several easy steps:

1. View existing outages so that you aren’t double-reporting

2. Identify where the leak is: Street or public propery, water meter, or on your property

Step 2 then lets you choose more precisely the category of leakage so that Hunter Water can send a specialised crew, or advise property owners, who are responsible for their own maintenance, what other actions they can take.

There may be times when a leak is on your property but there are no visible signs, in which case you may be eligible for an undetected leak rebate. You will need to complete a Undetected Leak Rebate Application form (PDF download) and provide all required documentation to Hunter Water, who will assess your application and will provide a response.