Work starts next month (March 2020) to straighten Honeysuckle Drive’s western end where it meets Stewart Avenue.

Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC) said the work is part of $55-million improvements across the western end of Honeysuckle.

HCCDC Acting Chief Executive Valentina Misevska said the drive realignment was necessary for the final staging of the area.

Map released by Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation shows realigned western end of Honeysuckle Drive in blue.

Honeysuckle is changing, and we are working to help facilitate the final chapter of Honeysuckle’s transformation by delivering a significant package of infrastructure works,” said Ms. Misevska.

Straightening Honeysuckle Drive and rebuilding Cottage Creek bridge will decrease the risk of future flooding as well as create better safety in the precinct.

As with any construction, it will create some localised disruption for vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist movements for a short period.”
HCCDC is working to minimise disruption as much as possible by diverting traffic through the Throsby temporary car park in Honeysuckle west and shifting the dedicated pedestrian and cyclist path towards the harbour.

Throsby car park eastern section will lose about 80 car spaces, while extra parking will be made adjacent to Hannell Street. Workers using Throsby car park and on-street parking will have no option but to find alternate parking in existing city parks or make use of public transport, such as the council-run shuttle from the stadium in Turton Road.

We will put signage up around the car park and during construction as necessary. We will also maintain up-to-date information on our website and Honeysuckle Facebook pages, and we encourage people to keep informed as much as possible,” said Ms. Misevska.

The corporation continues seawall works along the Honeysuckle waterfront to stabilise and beautify the waterfront promenade.

Works should to start in early March, with road diversions will be in place later that month.

For up-to-date information on the works, visit, or call HCCDC on 4904 2750 for enquiries.