Green Ban on Powerhouse Demolitions

The CFMEU NSW has placed a Green Ban on the demolition of the Willow Grove and St Georges Terraces buildings in Parramatta, earmarked for destruction by the NSW Government as part of their plans for the new Powerhouse museum at Parramatta.

These Green Bans mean no work can be done to destroy these historically significant sites," said Darren Greenfield, CFMEU NSW Secretary.

This is the first Green Ban the CFMEU has put in place since the recent passing of Jack Mundey, whose union actions last century effectively saved Sydney’s historic Rocks precinct.

Willow Grove in Phillip Street, Parramatta.

Built in the 1870s as a residential home, Willow Grove is a rare surviving example of Victorian Italiante Villa in Parramatta. Many generations of people in the Parramatta community were born there during the three decades it served as a maternity hospital between 1919 and 1953.

For four years the community has tried to reason with Premier Berejiklian,” said Suzette Meade, spokesperson for North Parramatta Residents Action Group.

Over this time we’ve offered solutions but they have been ignored. We will not stand by and watch as more local heritage is destroyed."

The North Parramatta Residents Action Group has long campaigned to save these two heritage buildings, supported by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) and the Historic Houses Association.

The western Sydney new Powerhouse Museum project has already seen the bulldozing of Parramatta’s war memorial pool and demolition of the historic Royal Oak Hotel – a hotel older than Perth. 

As shown by the recent success of the Green Ban on the Bondi Beach Pavilion, the CFMEU won’t stand by while local communities are ignored and important heritage sites are destroyed,” said Mr Greenfield.

Royal Oak Hotel at Parramatta, already demolished.