New Access Sought to Cessnock Gaol.

Council unites on the access road to the Cessnock Correctional Centre.

Cessnock City Council will continue to advocate for residents and the community for a new access road to the Cessnock Correctional Centre.

Since the announcement of the expansion of the Centre, Council has been pushing for a new access to be established that does not use the local road network.

Cessnock City Mayor, Councillor Bob Pynsent welcomed the Department of Corrections decision that will finally see the current access via Lindsay and Mavis Street be closed and a new access established.

Council prefers access via a direct route from Wine Country Drive onto land owned by Hunter New England Health. However, correspondence received in January from the NSW Government’s Minister for Corrections, The Hon Anthony Roberts MP stated this is not a viable option.

Following a unanimous decision of Council, General Manager, Lotta Jackson will discuss the issue with the Department of Corrections.

Talks will focus on confirming the Department’s intention to establish an access to the Centre via Wine Country Drive, including the option of utilising the eastern end of Kerlew Street before passing through the wooded area bounded by the cemetery to the east, Occident to the west, not impinging on the Kerlew /Occident Street intersection.”

If this is the preferred route selected by the Department of Corrections, Council will push for the following conditions to be met:

  • That access is via a route that has minimal impact on private residences before it adjoins the State Road Network.
  • Sufficient security fencing and screening be installed along the route to prohibit vehicle and pedestrian access near private residences.
  • The route minimises traffic on Cessnock City Council maintained roads.
  • Safe access be maintained where the route joins the State Road Network.
  • Any route is isolated from the local road network.

Image: © CC2 by Eva Rinaldi