Liberal Line-up for Newcastle Council Elections

1 August 2012 ~ The Hunter Liberals team to contest the 2012 Newcastle Local Government Election is a city-wide four ward line-up.

According to campaign Manager and current Ward 4 councillor, Mike Jackson, the liberal ticket “combines positive vision with experience and will bring fresh energy to a Council and a city that wants change.”.

Councillor Brad Luke said there is no Liberal Lord Mayoral candidate and candidates would meet with key independents.

Hunter Liberals will historically run candidates in all wards for the first time since the four ward structure came into place. The Hunter Liberals will fight for strong representation at all levels of government so that Newcastle is no longer a safe Labor area and our community is no longer taken for granted.”

We have our candidates meeting with key independents over the next few days to discuss how a positive collegiate approach will benefit the City of Newcastle in the next term,” said Councillor Luke.

The announcement listed the following candidates:

Ward 1

1. Lisa Tierney. Lisa Tierney is an experienced councillor and business manager for Lifeline, Newcastle and Hunter.
2. Lindsay Karathanassis
3. Colleen Prider

Ward 2

1. Brad Luke. Brad Luke serves as a Newcastle City councillor and is CEO of Advisory Group, a large Australian financial planning practice.
2. Nick Stabler
3. Ted Hayes

Ward 3

1. Sharon Waterhouse. Sharon Waterhouse is an experienced company director, Chair of University of Newcastle Services and Chair of Hunter Business Women’s Network.
2. Bronwyn Law
3. Phil McKenny

Ward 4

1. David Compton. David Compton is an experienced Business Manager and Award Winning Builder.
2. Mike Jackson
3. Don Harris

Liberal team slogan is "Working Smarter, Working Together for Newcastle"