Green Councillors ‘Tree Day’ Policy Launch

30 July 2012 ~ Newcastle Greens launched Urban Forest and Tree Management Policy for the September Newcastle Council elections.

Greens propose an Urban Forest and Tree Management Committee, a ‘big tree policy’ to maintain the city’s large trees, and to revive the ‘Red Cedar City’ concept highlighting the historic role of trees in Newcastle’s history.

In 2007 Newcastle councillors voted to adopt the Australian red cedar as floral emblem of the City of Newcastle and the label “Red Cedar City” proposing red cedars in street and park planting.

Announcing the policy, The Greens Lord Mayoral and Ward 4 candidate for Newcastle, John Sutton, said winning back the confidence of the community for the council’s management of the city’s trees would be a key challenge for the next council.

Urban trees are a vital part of our vision for Newcastle’s future, and the policy we are releasing today reflects this," Mr Sutton, said.

The new council elected in September must adopt a new attitude and approach to urban trees so that nothing like the Laman St fiasco happens again.

"The council’s current Urban Forest Policy was initiated by The Greens in a previous council, and provides a sound basis for good tree management, and for increasing canopy coverage throughout the city.

"But, as anyone who lives in Newcastle knows, tree management has been one of the most controversial issues dividing the council and the community over the past council term,” he said.

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Greens candidate for Lake Macquarie Council North Ward, Ms Jane Oakley, used National Tree Day today as an opportunity to announce that she would champion a fresh approach to strategic tree management in Lake Macquarie, if she is elected on 8 September.

If I am elected as a councillor, I will work to ensure Lake Macquarie Council places more emphasis on the good care and management of the thousands of trees for which it is responsible, and supports the community in caring for their trees also,” Ms Oakley said.

Trees are a fundamental component of the urban ecosystem and must be managed on a sustainable basis.  Planting trees alone is not enough.  We must care for our trees.” 

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