Map further below show Hunter region income mapped for year 2014-15.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO)  annual Taxation Statistics report for 2016–17 gives an overview of 13.9 million individuals and 970,000 companies.

In New South Wales, the profession with the highest income was anaesthetists with an average taxable income of $335,501.

Out of around 1,100 occupations recorded, there were 72 occupations where females had an average taxable income higher than males. This included authors, future traders, magistrates, professional surfers and illustrators.

The highest average taxable income of $230,330 was recorded in Sydney’s 2108 postcode which covers Coasters Retreat, Currawong Beach, Great Mackerel Beach and Palm Beach. 

New South Wales was home to the lowest earning area. Postcode 2308, covering Newcastle University and Callaghan, had an average taxable income of $20,589.

As Deputy Lord Mayor of City of Newcastle, councilor Declan Clausen clarified when the ATO report was discussed on morning radio:

Appreciate ABC AM’s analysis of rising inequality, but referenced Newcastle suburb (2308) is Callaghan, which only contains the @Uni_Newcastle, and associated on-campus student accommodation. Not representative of Newy’s broader socioeconomic makeup

At time of writing, detailed income by postcode was yet to be uploaded to NationalMap. However, with little change in recent years, 2015-17 data is almost equivalent.

Drill down of the raw data reveals Australia’s ten poorest postcodes are scattered around regional eastern states, yet also includes University of NSW – so one gathers that students aren’t too well off. No surprise there.

Below ~  NationalMap image below is a screen capture for financial year 2014-15 and is not clickable!

The map shows Hunter region, with Murrurundi postcode at top left (grey). Colour coded in shades of blue according to legend at left. 

This map can be accessed at NationalMap (by choosing the ‘NationalMap’ link on the landing page) and, depending on your web browser, a dataset error might appear. Clear the error.

Should a row of miniature Australia’s appear, zoom in on any of them. At left you might need to uncheck dataset years as they often load all selected.

Rather surprised this needs explaining and it wasted considerable time to decipher.

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