Come on a journey through the stories and folklore of floods in local history, at Sun Street Studios on Thursday (27 February 2020) to start Maitland City Library’s Look Who’s Talking Local History program for 2020.

When we talk about floods in Maitland’s history we are also taking part in a tradition that stretches back throughout our history,” said Manager Gallery and Libraries Keryl Collard.

The stories can be epic or personal in scale but are always present.’

In ‘Folklore of the Floods’, Georgia Bennett and Peter Woodley will investigate the ways in which flood stories have been understood for all of human history and will investigate both the documentary records and human views of floods that have shaped our understanding of colonial history and the local history of Maitland.

The impacts of floods on human settlement and natural environments have been a constant source of fascination, wonder or fear. Bennett and Woodley bring combined experience and knowledge from their related fields of local history, archaeology and research to their presentation and will draw upon the stories of Gilgamesh and Noah, right up to the more contemporary ways in which floods have been described in our local history.

‘Folklore of the Floods’ is presented by Maitland City Library at Sun Street Studios on Thursday 27 February from 6.00pm until 7.30pm.

It is free to attend, and bookings can be made online at Maitland library. For further information contact Maitland Library on 02 4933 6952.