Future Farmers Day is at Tocal Agriculture Centre on Friday 3 August 2012.

Visiting students will learn safety on the farm from Tocal Certificate IV Agriculture second year students.

About 70 year 9 and 10 students from Dungog High School, Berkeley Vale High School, and Terrigal High School, will familiarise with farm quad and motor cycle safety, manual handling on farms, electrical safety on farms, chemical safety on farms, and handling livestock.

This is a case where youth are teaching youth about best practice for farming in the future,” said Tocal Principal Dr Cameron Archer.

Tocal students are well trained in farm safety and risk management in the workplace and are ideal mentors for others young people interested in agricultural careers,” he said.

Tocal safety on the farm, convened for the 11th year by lecturer Bob Dunn, is in association with the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health, Farmsafe NSW, Hunter New England Health, and WorkCover.

Far too many people are killed or injured on Australian farms and we believe time spent in a day like this is important for the future of our agricultural industries,” Dr Archer said.

It is important that people see a farm as a work place and not somewhere [to be careless or thoughtless]. Today’s farms have large and often unwieldy equipment that is built to do a particular job, not to be played around with.”

The support and interest in the day has been strong over the years and I am sure it will continue into the future,” Dr Archer said.