On-the-go legal advice for international students

An app offering students multi-lingual legal information has been launched at the annual Lord Mayor’s Welcome for international students at Sydney Town Hall. 

MyLegal Mate is the first mobile service of its kind in Australia. Developed with grant funding from the City of Sydney, the app will provide free legal guidance tailored for international students across NSW.

Speaking at Thursday’s annual reception for Sydney’s newest international student arrivals, Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the City was proud to support the app that would further support overseas students studying, living and working in Sydney.

Moving to a new city can be a bewildering experience, especially if there are language barriers and you do not know where to go for advice,” the Lord Mayor said.

This wonderful new app will put an invaluable legal resource in the pockets of international students and provide support as soon as they need it.

It will help ensure they’re given every opportunity to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding time, living and studying in Sydney and across NSW.

International students enhance our city by contributing to Sydney’s diversity and strengthening our global connections.

Being able to attract and nurture the best candidates from around the world is an investment in our city’s future. That’s why we’ve supported this innovative information resource, and look forward to it helping students from all backgrounds.”

The app uses interactive video to provide students with instant access to legal information, delivered in English and six community languages. The app will be offered to education providers on an annual subscription basis, allowing students to access the information free-of-charge.

MyLegal Mate was created by the Redfern Legal Centre with funding from the City of Sydney, StudyNSW and the Fair Work Ombudsman and built using the technology of Sydney company, Practera.

It is the brainchild of Solicitor Sean Stimson, the head of Redfern Legal Services International Student Legal Service NSW. Mr Stimson was this year awarded the NSW Human Rights Medal his work with the state’s 260,000 international students.

Redfern Legal Centre provides a free statewide legal advice service for international students funded by Study NSW, but this app will offer new and immediate support,” Mr Stimson said.

This is an innovative way for our service to ensure that international students can gain immediate access to tailored legal information and be empowered to take greater control when problems occur.

By downloading the app on enrolment, international students will also be armed with information about their rights before they start their course, with the ultimate aim of preventing issues arising while they’re in Australia.”

The app addresses four legal areas identified by students and service providers as having the most need – employment, housing, disputes with education providers and sexual assault. The information is provided in multiple languages and delivered in a face-to-face format that is friendly and accessible.

Redfern Legal Centre was among 25 community groups sharing information and services with Sydney’s latest international students from more than 60 nationals at the Town Hall reception.

Stallholders at the welcome included Surf Life Saving, NSW Police, ACON (AIDS Council of NSW) and the Fair Work Ombudsman, along with a range of education, health and accommodation providers.



      悉尼市政府在一年一度的悉尼市长外籍留学生欢迎招待会(Lord Mayor’s Welcome for international students)上正式推出了一款开创性智能手机应用软件,为学生们提供多语种法律资讯。

      该软件名为“MyLegal Mate”,由悉尼市政府资助研发而成,是澳大利亚首款涉及此项服务的手机应用软件,为新南威尔士州范围内的留学生无偿提供法律咨询。

      本周四,悉尼市市长Clover Moore在招待会上向新一届留学生致辞时表示,市政府为能够辅助开发该软件,以进一步支持留学生在本市的学习、生活和工作而感到自豪和骄傲。








      MyLegal Mate软件由悉尼市政府、新南威尔士州产业部(The NSW Department of Industry)StudyNSW专项小组以及公平工作调查专员署(Fair Work Ombudsman)共同拨款,资助雷德芬法律咨询中心(Redfern Legal Centre)通过本土创业公司Practera的先进技术开发而成。

      该软件是雷德芬法律咨询中心新南威尔士州留学生法律服务部负责人肖恩·斯迪穆森(Sean Stimson)律师的心血结晶。斯迪穆森先生帮助在新南威尔士州求学的留学生总数达260,000人,因此,本年度荣获新南威尔士州人权奖章(NSW Human Rights)。







      与会机构还包括:冲浪救生协会(Surf Life Saving)、新南威尔士州警署(NSW Police)、新南威尔士州艾滋病委员会(AIDS Council of NSW)、公平工作调查专员署,以及各大高校、医疗、住宿服务机构等。