Road works along Argyle Street Barrington will cause water supply interruptions over the next week.

Temporary outages will affect the entire township. Residents should fill containers or bathtubs for emergency use.

We will need to turn off water supply for around one hour each day over the next week,” said Council’s Director of Infrastructure and Engineering Services, Rob Scott.

The supply interruption is essential, so our contractor can move the water mains away from the new road alignment. We’re also taking the opportunity to renew some service lines into individual properties at the same time.

We’d suggest Barrington village residents keep a large jug of drinking water handy and full, in case it’s required during the hour on these days when water will be turned off.

We also ask for assistance in spreading the word to your neighbours, to make sure everyone is aware.”

The project includes road alignment, resurfacing the worn road pavement, renewal of kerb and guttering, and improving drainage.

This project is part of the Thunderbolts Way Corridor Strategy.

For more information on this project and others across the MidCoast, visit for the current works program.