City Residential Parking Online

Digital parking permit applications open.

Newcastle residents can now apply online for digital parking permits as the City transitions to a more efficient and effective permit system.

The move to digital permits means annual email and mail applications, or visits to the City’s customer service centre, will no longer be needed to renew either resident or resident-visitor permits.

The whole process can now be completed online and will no longer require residents or their visitors to stick permits on windscreens or dashboards – numberplates will indicate vehicles covered by a permit from Wednesday 24 June 2020.

All existing permit holders will receive an email from the City notifying them that they need to register for the digital permit system.

This streamlined digital parking permit process is great news for the holders of around 2,500 permits across the city,” City of Newcastle Governance Director David Clarke said.

Digital parking permits are the latest customer service we’re taking online after transitioning rates and on-street parking payments, library memberships and other services with great success over the past few years. Digitising permit renewals will save residents and our staff a huge amount of time and resources.

The digital permit system will generate email reminders a month and two-weeks before permits are due to expire each year, giving residents an opportunity to update their residential, payment and vehicle details prior to permit renewal.”

Instructions on how to register and apply for permits are available here.

Enquiries can be made by contacting the Parking Operations team for assistance on 4974 2000

The resident parking permit, visitor and pensioner parking permits will be valid for 12 months from the date of approval. 

Existing permits will no longer be valid from Wednesday 24 June 2020.