An online mapping platform called Accessibility in the City launches in Newcastle later this year.

Accessibility in the City will offer users verified information about where to locate accessible features, such as disabled parking and toilets, and help them navigate busy, cluttered and visually oriented environments.

Pictureed ~ Accessibility in the City founder Chad Ramage

Accessibility in the City (AITC)was founded in 2016 when it was identified there was a need to better support those with accessibility issues and assist by providing a mapping and navigation tool.

AITC’s goal is for all to easily pre-plan and navigate on the move, make decisions that best allow subscribers to access the community in which they live or seek to venture in.

People with accessibility issues can feel vulnerable and anxious when going to a new location and like to seek knowledge on their surroundings before arriving.

Brad also spoke to Awsome Newcastle in February.

Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes welcomed the opportunity for Newcastle to be used as a testing ground.

The city had been working hard to establish Newcastle and the Hunter as an internationally recognised centre for technology innovation, said Councillor Nelmes.

Cities around the world are facing the challenge of improving liveability for their residents while reducing resource consumption, and the companies selected as part of this trial will to help us tackle these challenges head on.

Our award-winning Smart City Strategy includes clear objectives around making our buildings more energy efficient, around piloting inclusive smart technology to increase equity of access to the city, and around deploying interactive technologies into the public domain to create active and safe places of interest and discovery.

The Catapult program is one of the many ways that we are delivering on our strategy and our vision to be a smart, liveable and sustainable global city.”

The Catapult program is part of the $13 million Smart Moves Newcastle project, which received $5 million through the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs program in 2017.