If you can make it to Melbourne before Christmas, and you’re into street art and graffiti, drag yourself over to  Richmond 3121 for the Internation Graffiti and Street Art Exhibition.

With the simple brief of “What does Home mean to you?” Homeward Found brings together the work of over 60 artists for the largest independent exhibition of Asian urban, underground, street and graffiti artists to ever be held in Australia.

Homeward Found will feature artwork from:

Peap Tarr (CM), Sheep Chen (CN), Nosaltwu (CN), N0. 8SSS (CN), Vance (CN), Xeme (HK), Rainbo (HK), Tuyuloveme (ID), Lovehatelove (ID), Zany13 (ID), Ras (ID), Mikhaela Cherry (ID), Roneobruno (ID), Cloze (ID), Mrpigart (ID), Olderplus (ID), Miles OK (ID), Herzven (ID), Rubso (ID), Muth (ID), Laugh (ID), Yukers (ID), Bujangan Urban (ID),  Luise Ono (JP), Moya (JP), Enzo (KR), Dasher1 (MO), Beggie (MO), Heesco (MO/AU), Akid (MY), Katun (MY), Drewfunk (MY), escapeva (MY), SnakeTwo (MY), Sliz (MY), Cloakwork (MY), Asmoe (MY), Nestwo (MY), Bone (MY), Quiccs (PH), Little bEni (PH/ID), Egg Fiasco (PH), Gerilya (PH), Kookoo Ramos (PH), Rai Cruz (PH), Dee Jae Pa’este (PH), Trip63 (PH), EXLD (PH), Song (SG), Daiso (SG), Klem (SG), Kringe (SG), Aizen (SG), Zero (SG), Jero (TW), Creepy Mouse (TW), Mr.OGAY (TW), Bounce (TW), Lazy Willy (TW), MUEBON (TH), ERTH (TH), Waris (TH), Kenz (TH), 2choey (TH), SubyOne (VN), Liar Ben (VN), Viet Max (VN), Silk Roy (AU), Mike Eleven (LA/AU), Mishap (AU)

Showcasing the vibrant creativity of our immediate neighbours, the exhibition brings to Melbourne some of the finest established and emerging talent from over twelve countries. The first in a planned series of events and collaborations, titled the ‘Sojourn Project’, Homeward Found aims to strengthen ties between artists across the Australian-Asian region through collaboration, exchange and communication.

Opening night – Thursday 13th December – 6pm to 9pm
Exhibition continues until December 23rd.
Vs. Gallery
1 Vere Street, Richmond
Victoria, Australia