Sam has our number, us uppity photographers of downity Newie, and our “ visual obsession with Newcastle’s fibro shacks, brick shithouses, and the like..”

Located two hours north up the coast from Sydney, Newcastle is Australia’s seventh largest city and my kinda hometown.

I say ‘kinda’ because, despite telling most people I come from Newcastle, I actually grew up forty minutes out of town, on the Central Coast.

This evasion is pure cultural cringe: Newie has some street cred, whereas the CC is a bland paradise of beaches and strip malls that serves largely as a commuter drop off point for Sydney’s lower middle class.

Newcastle is the focus of dedicated programs to reinvigorate the city and foster its culture; the Central Coast has a gaping hole where culture should be, and the best thing going for it is its deathly silence on the national stage, occasionally punctured by local political fools.

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