Little Eco Footprints

Last post 11 November 2016.

A meticulous long-running (2009-2016) local blog with environmental tendencies :0)  But a template for backyard gardens in our small city – as it once was. And no yard is too small.

I’m Tricia. I write here about learning to live better with less. We recently moved from a small urban block in Newcastle to a rural Hunter Valley property.

Almost a year ago I wrote here that I was going to step away from this space for a month – to focus on home and start the new year with a calm mind and a clear vision.

It seems one month wasn’t enough. This space became one of the many casualties of me ruthlessly clearing the clutter from my schedule. A move that was necessary for me to move even closer to living the life that I aspire to.

We can’t have and do everything – we have to choose. And I chose to focus on home for a while.