Seems to have carved out a bloggist livelihood in lieu of self-sufficiency on a small surburban plot – let alone a farmlet.

Nice recipes, photography… what’s not to like?

For years I thought the only way to live a semi sustainable life, was to live in a house in the country- at the very least a house in the city.

But dreams of a big veggie garden, roaming chooks and using solar panels weren’t coming my way any time soon. We lived in a two bedroom rented unit in the city with three children- what on earth could I do within that kind of setting, towards living a greener, more connected life?

Turns out quite a lot.

Since starting this blog in 2010, you’ll find some of the things that I’ve slowly made a part of our every day life, things that are close to my heart- real food, making, baking, greener choices, photography, permaculture, the written word, simple living and rather a lot of sourdough. While no longer living in a small unit, city living still plays a big role in our lives.

A city girl with hippy tendencies and farm girl aspirations… this is a blog about trying to live a simple connected life, city style.