Aerial Drone Vision ~ the New Relaxation Therapy

Mornings on the piazza at Throsby’s leafy mansion – tucked tastefully upon the verdant banks of that celebrated watercourse bearing his name – are vibrant auditions by the neighbourly bird life.

Pictured ~ Cessnock drone vision from Wild Stuff Media

Foremost among these: ubiquitous doves with their brain-numbing chorus, a family (thank heavens just one) of Indian Mynahs, my favourite daily visitors, the native crested pigeons, their arrival heralded by singing wings and a demanding “whoop” to signal they’re ready for breakfast.

More distant, and thankfully so, an extended family of crows regularly erupt in domestic strife – no matter the hour. And so it goes, with the native mynahs, lorikeets, rosellas, white & black cockatoos, galahs, magpies, currawongs, kookaburras, magpie larks, honey eaters, wattle birds, butcher birds, ibis, plovers… so many, and more.

Also a night visitor that took years to determine was the perpetrator of an almost imperceptible ‘oo ooo ooo ooo ooo…” until I sprung him or her with a sharp lick of torchlight at 2am.

Not to mention the blood-curdling prehistoric screech of migratory cuckoos, and just did. Last summer Throsby finally spotted a distressed and confused magpie on the pole nearby trying to satisfy an insatiable fledgling she or he had unwittingly hatched.

Surprising how they manage to survive suburbia. It gets Throsby thinking how noisy the native Awabakal bush must have been in the good old days before Whitey arrived and carved it up.

Soar like an eagle

All this bird chatter is to pad the page because Steven von Schnitzelberger is so lean with his company bio.

It’s also an appropriate perch from which to segue into Steven’s aery drone vision.

Travel the Hunter region via his drone videos and within minutes you’ll become transcendent from the floating aerial vistas and gentle music.

Wild Stuff Media qualifies as a video bloggist and earns a place here at NewcastleOnHunter.

I’m making a series of videos based on aerial drone footage of towns in the Hunter Valley.

So far I’ve done Cessnock, Kurri Kurri, and Wollombi/Laguna – next on the list will be Greta/Branxton/North Rothbury, followed by either Singleton or Maitland.

Production definitely slowed over the summer, with 40+ degree days not being very conducive to standing in the sun for hours while flying a drone. But now the heat is a bit more tolerable I plan to get back into it.

For those who missed the first one (Cessnock), check out the video below. You might even spot your house!

We do outdoor adventuring, based mostly in the Hunter Valley (NSW Australia). Hiking, biking, paddling, photography, drone videos, gear, etc.

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