Artistic Recycling (or recycled art :0)

Creating art from waste.

Budding artists and recyclers can demonstrate their unique interpretation of resource recovery in the Sustainable Neighbourhoods Waste to Art exhibition.

The Sustainable Neighbourhood Alliance Chairperson, Colin Mondy, said the exhibition challenges the way the community look at waste.

The aim of the exhibition is to show the community that waste can be a useful resource and a source of inspiration,” Mr Mondy said.

This competition prompts us to explore local waste issues, consider how we might be contributing to the problem, and what we can do to move to a more sustainable future.”

Sustainable Neighbourhoods is calling for individuals, schools and community groups to showcase their artistic ability and share their ideas about waste, litter and overconsumption through art.

The artworks can be either sculptural or functional, or imagery based.

Registration is free and open to all community members. Registrations close on Monday 16 September.

The exhibition will be held between Saturday 12 October and Sunday 1 December at SEEN@Swansea.