The No Show Scarecrow

A symbol of the show spirit on display throughout October.

2020 has seen the cancellation of many of NSW’s 192 agricultural shows, but the President of the Agricultural Societies Council of New South Wales says the show spirit is still alive and well.

The sad old no-show scarecrow at Leeton Showground.

The Agricultural Societies Council (ASC) of NSW encourages every show society in the country to create a No Show Scarecrow as a sign of solidarity across the state for cancelled shows.

Tim Capp says that while necessary, the Covid-19 cancellations of key events on the country social calendar have disappointed organisers, exhibitors and attendees statewide.

“Agricultural shows in Australia attract six million visitors annually and the volunteer hours required to run the 580 shows makes the show movement the largest volunteer network in the country,” Mr. Capp said.

“During Covid-19, showgrounds have been critical community hubs for Covid-19 testing, and prior to that, many were utilised as livestock and community refuges during the summer bushfires.

The ASC of NSW has asked all shows to display their No Show Scarecrow throughout the month of October.

Shows are unique reflections of their local community, and we recommend each show society puts a local spin on their No Show Scarecrow to be displayed proudly in a prominent location as a reminder that the show will go on and put a smile on local faces in the process.”

This combined action across the state will remind everyone of the strength and resilience of the show movement; many shows were due to celebrate their milestones like their centenary or even 150th year in some cases.”

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