Masthead (aka, the staff).

The Editor is the overseer of content and fittingly remorseful if complaints arise (they never do).


Press is the media officer, the recipient of any news from you, or media releases from government, company, and organisation. A nondescript fellow with achromatic imagination. An excellent, therefore, stenographer.


Then there’s the matter of the “publisher” – who cannot be reached by phone, email, snail mail, or even via NBN Co’s hybrid disaster on one of their rare good days. Move on.

He, or she, is a private citizen who does not work for, consult, own shares in, or receive funding from, any company or organisation that would benefit from articles on this website. The publisher is an independent observer of human nature and social dynamics, and directs editorial policy accordingly.

Rumour has it that the poor sod has no form of income other than a small stipend at the Crown’s pleasure.

Pot n Pans

Janitor, coffee-maker, chief cook, and bottle-washer, are, you might guess, just more hats on the same weary head.